CAVLENT Corporate Solutions offers solutions for hiring, restructuring existing and new employees, people development, and divisional competency analysis. The solutions provided consist of:

Job Matching Recommendation

Analysis of prospective employees for screening purposes, contains:

  • Recommendation of candidate suitability with the job vacancy they are applying for
  • Personality analysis based on S.W.O.T. (Strength-­Weakness-­Opportunity-­Threat)
  • Intelligence Capacity Analysis
  • The dominant type of work motivation

Personality Profiling

Personality analysis with 8 different purposes according to your needs. The options are:

  • 20 potential destructive traits
  • Leadership quality
  • Employability level
  • 60 Work Competencies
  • Entrepreneurial and/or retirement readiness
  • Working style and its role
  • Work readiness (fresh graduate candidates only)
  • Self development purposes

Division Competency Mapping

An analysis in mapping the competence of divisions within a company (including the quality of each personnel in the division), in comparison to the minimum standards required by the company. The finding from this analysis aims to provide companies with the supporting data in making decisions regarding transfers, restructuring, and other HR development strategies.


CAVLENT Kids & Education Solutions offers solutions for kids and teens in understanding their potential talents, suitability of study majors (Academic / Vocational High School, and Colleges), the suitability of career majors, level of work readiness, and self-development purposes. The solutions provided consist of:

Education & Career Recommendation

Analysis that provides recommendations in study & career majors, as well as analysis of work readiness for fresh graduate students. The options are:

  • The suitability of majors in Academic and Vocational
  • College majors suitability
  • Career recommendations & work readiness level (fresh graduate candidates only)

Teens & Kids Personality Profiling

Solutions that provides kids (8 - 12 y.o) & teens profiling analysis. The available options are:

  • The potential of talents and its development
  • Self-development & improvement for better educational purposes

School / Institution Compentency Mapping

An analysis in mapping the competence of students in a class or in the school as a group, to be used as a reference and supporting data for improving the quality of learning, the teachers' teaching method, analysing the majors of study that are most relevant to the students.

The findings can also be used for strategy development in growing the schools and institutions in the future.

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